My name is Danielle Lincoln Hanna, and I write Hearth & Homicide Suspense. Family and firestorm exist side-by-side in my novels. As much as you can expect the echoes of gunfire and the flashing reds-and-blues, you can also expect the porch light to be on and a warm cup of cocoa awaiting you at the fireside.

When I’m not writing, you can find me hiking, biking, camping, and kayaking with my faithful furkid, Molly.



Danielle Lincoln Hanna

Danielle Lincoln Hanna learned how to read and write at age four and knew she wanted to be an author by the time she was seven. She writes crime fiction, not specifically for the excitement of guts and guns, but as a means to explore the true experiences of real people who have survived traumatic events and are looking for answers. She also pens how-to guides for her fellow authors.

Her own trauma was the death of her father when she was only two. She spent the next two and a half decades looking for someone to call “Daddy”–a mission that wasn’t successfully accomplished until she turned twenty-six. She’s now researching the father/daughter relationship and writing about it in her novels.

Thank You, Danielle Lincoln Hanna, for renewing my interest in reading just for fun. Please please please get the rest of this story out to us… we are all waiting on pins and needles!

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